Our Mission

Crowdfense evaluates state-of-the-art active cyber-defense capabilities from the most talented Researchers in the world, tests and improves them and offers them to a carefully selected group of global institutional Customers.

The company was founded in early 2017 by respected ethical hackers and cyber-security consulting experts with two main goals in mind: 

  • To partner with the vulnerability research global community, offer Researchers a new way to prove the value of their work and maximize their payouts. Crowdfense proactively helps Researchers to streamline and standardize the process of evaluating, testing, improving and documenting software vulnerabilities and exploits — safely, legally and efficiently. 
  • To supply selected institutional Customers with a steady stream of actionable active cyber-defense capabilities that are expertly engineered, reliable and consistent, elevating the market's standards while striving to fulfill the most demanding inquiries. Every item delivered to our Customers comes with the Crowdfense stamp of approval. This stamp guarantees that the product has been thoroughly tested and that it fully satisfies its advertised features.

With our dedicated technical and organizational support, Researchers can achieve the best returns on their work and Customers the best returns on their investment.

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