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If you are a talented, creative, independent cyber-security Researcher who wants to work with a team to maximize your achievements both technically and financially, Crowdfense is your place to be. 

Through our Bug Bounty program and Challenges, we offer Researchers an innovative way to value their findings and maximize their payouts — safely, legally and efficiently.

The Crowdfense team of experts proactively helps you streamline and standardize the process of evaluating, testing, improving and documenting your vulnerability research findings. We take care of the hurdles so you can achieve your goals.

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Advantages for Researchers

Crowdfense was designed for security Researchers, by security Researchers.

Working with us you will be able to:

  • Contribute to our world-leading public Bug Bounty program, receiving the highest bounties ever paid
  • Participate in unique Challenges, competing with other Researchers for additional prizes
  • Have access to our invitation-only private Bug Bounty program
  • Submit your original research and let Crowdfense find the right institutional partner, even if it’s not within the scope of our Bug Bounty program.

Submission Process

Bug Bounty program

Crowdfense launched its first public Bug Bounty program in April 2018.
Take our Challenges and reap the highest payouts ever!


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To join our Vulnerability Research Hub, please signup here.