Vulnerability Research Hub

Crowdfense is a world-leading vulnerability research hub, engineered from the ground up to serve institutional Customers and cyber-security Researchers alike.

We strive to establish a new standard in researching, testing and trading active cyber-defense capabilities, where both Researchers and Customers can benefit from higher levels of professionalism, transparency and trust.

With our dedicated technical and organizational support, Researchers can achieve the best returns on their work and Customers the best returns on their investment.

To join our Vulnerability Research Hub, please signup here.



If you are a talented, creative, elite independent cyber-security Researcher who wants to cooperate with a large team of experts to maximize your achievements, both technically and financially, Crowdfense is the place to be.

Through our Bug Bounty program and Vulnerability Research Hub we offer an innovative, enticing way to value your findings and maximize your rewards — safely, legally and efficiently.


Crowdfense supplies institutional Customers with a steady stream of actionable Cyber Capabilities that are expertly engineered, reliable, consistent and well documented.

Access to our Cyber Capabilities Feed is available only to a carefully vetted group of institutional Customers. 

Bug Bounty program

In 2018 Crowdfense announced its first 10M USD Bug Bounty program. This year we launched a new, larger 0day Acquisition Program that offers a total of 15M USD in bounties.

If you have what it takes, join our Vulnerability Research Hub and reap the highest payouts ever!