Vulnerability Research Hub

Crowdfense is the world-leading research hub and acquisition platform for high-quality zero-day exploits and advanced vulnerability research.

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If you have what it takes, join our Vulnerability Research Hub, report your vulnerability and reclaim the highest payouts ever!

Zero-day Acquisition Program

In 2018, Crowdfense announced its first 10M USD Bug Bounty program. This year, we launched a new and larger Exploit Acquisition Program that offers a total of 30M USD in bounties.


If you are a talented, creative, elite, independent cyber-security Researcher who wants to cooperate with a large team of experts to maximize your achievements, both technically and financially, Crowdfense is the place to be.

Through our Exploit Acquisition Program and Vulnerability Research Hub , we offer an innovative, enticing way to value your findings and maximize your rewards.

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Crowdfense supplies institutional Customers with a steady stream of actionable, expertly engineered, reliable, consistent, and well-documented cyber capabilities.

Access to our Cyber Capabilities Feed is available only to a carefully vetted group of institutional Customers.