About Us

Crowdfense is a world-leading research hub and acquisition platform for high-quality zero-day exploits and advanced vulnerability research.

Led by cybersecurity experts, our platform hosts a global community of top-tier independent researchers with unmatched skills in advanced vulnerability research and exploit development.

We evaluate and purchase premium exploits and vulnerabilities, rewarding the highest bounties in the industry. We analyse and document all the acquired strategic intelligence assets and provide worldwide government customers with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities.

Crowdfense adheres to unparalleled export control, compliance, due diligence, and vetting standards to ensure transparency and accountability for the world’s most trusted vulnerability acquisition platform.

Founded in early 2017 with two main goals in mind:

  • To partner with the vulnerability research global community, offering Researchers a new way to prove the value of their work and maximise their payouts. Crowdfense proactively helps Researchers streamline and standardise the process of evaluating, testing, improving and documenting software vulnerabilities and exploits — safely, legally and efficiently.


  • To supply selected institutional Customers with a steady stream of actionable active cyber-defence capabilities that are expertly engineered, reliable and consistent, elevating the market’s standards while striving to fulfil the most demanding inquiries.

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For more information, please check our public Bug Bounty program.