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Crowdfense supplies institutional Customers with a steady stream of actionable Cyber Capabilities that are expertly engineered, reliable, documented and consistent, elevating the market’s standards while striving to fulfil the most demanding inquiries.

Access to our Cyber Capabilities Feed is available only to a carefully vetted group of institutional entities.

For more information about how Crowdfense can help you expand your cyber-capabilities needs:

Advantages for Customers

Crowdfense was created by well-reputed senior cyber-security experts with solid track records in dealing with institutional Customers and a unique understanding of their needs.

Working with us, you will:

  • Have early, privileged access to the best active cyber-defence capabilities on the market.
  • Be able to submit your custom inquiries for advanced, tailored capabilities.
  • Purchasing only state-of-the-art, tested and ready-to-deploy cyber capabilities.